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It’s All Fun & Games…

May 27, 2014

Acme Coliseum Gaming Pub mural

Before & After: The Coliseum Gaming Pub just opened in Cookeville, TN to rave reviews.  We love being involved with the creation of a new business’ image and space, from brand identity to logos to paint colors. We also gave the former roller rink building quite a facelift including a custom mural, steel awning, and some sweet signage!Wheeler's Roller Rink - before

awning.signSo we were contacted by a local fellow here in Cookeville that he was in the process of opening a restaurant / bar /arcade in town (cool concept, huh?)…and did we know anything about owning a restaurant? For those that don’t know us, we did indeed have a little place in Asheville for a bit, so yes, we know about restaurants. He had set his sights on a space that had once been the Wheeler’s Roller Rink, somewhat of an icon around here, I’m told. That said, it’s a BIG building.  A big, dark building at the time.  The interior just needed polishing, and we’re looking forward to creating some custom graphics for a series of light boxes that we’ll be installing (think amazing panels from vintage games & comics). Most of all, we wanted to do something to spruce up the outside of that big old building, and catch the eye of gamers, so we decided to paint it alien green, and adorn it with a custom mural to show off what they have to offer inside…video games, food, ping pong, you get the idea.  Would you believe that we stenciled the images onto the building using an old school overhead projector?  You should have seen us out in the parking lot in the middle of the night.  We met some interesting folks & had a great time!

Best of luck to the Coliseum crew…GAME ON!



Godzilla ping pong! eight ball.fighters

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