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Repurposed to Party

January 1, 2014

So technically this is a story about a collaborative piece that we did with Jason Moore, our studio mate…together we are 4D Studio (dum da da dum!). Anyway, it’s so cool that I just wanted to share.  Jason and Bob put this really great bar cart together for a local architect in town, and it came out so SWEET!  It just goes to show how much you can do with a little elbow grease and an old dirty salvaged pushcart.

vintage industrial bar cart

Vintage Industrial bar cart recycled from old factory bin

Jason had this piece around the shop.  I guess he’d gotten it at an auction at some old factory.  To me that makes it even better, to be local AND recycled.  Our client was interested in having us make a piece of furniture for his new bachelor pad.  He loved the lines of the old cart.  We knew that we could change it up to be a functional piece that really makes a statement.

factory cart

factory cart before

Here’s what it looked like before…nasty.  As you can see, it didn’t have doors or even an open side, and no top.  Man, it was dirty and had tons of old grease on the wheels. That cart must have had a good life in that old factory. Somebody kept those wheels seriously rolling.  It would be cool to know more about what was in the old boy back in the day. But I digress.

The boys used a wire wheel to clean the dirt out of the wood, and man was that a cloud of dust.  After several tries with degreasers, Bob finally just took the wheels off of the bottom of the cart and actually took them to the car wash.


cutting the doors

Next came the doors, so they took out the 3 pieces of wood from the front, cut them down the middle, and Jason made the metal X bracing & hinges. Jason also made a handle for the end of the cart, and a shelf for the inside.

barn wood

Barn wood saves the day

By the way, the floor of the cart gave way midway through the project, (of course it did) so that got replaced with some old barn wood that we had around the shop.  It was a good match, and still local. Bob milled the barn wood smooth for the shelf and the bottom replacement.

The top of the bar came from I think an old high school science lab…remember those tall desks?  When Jason brought it in, it had a super thick coating of amber colored finish on the top, so Bob put it on the CNC mill and completely planed the top off of it. It turned out really pretty and we used that same technique on a couple of other pieces on the 4D Vintage Industrial Furniture line…which you should really check out, so get outta here and go do that.

Vintage Industrial Bar Cart

Vintage Industrial Bar Cart

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